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Learning chess as well as English
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  • 10, 15, 20 or 25 hours of one to one tuition
  • Use English in authentic situations
  • 2 half day local excursions per week
  • 1 Full day weekend excursion for courses of 2 weeks or more

We believe that language is best learned when it is used in a practical way. In the morning sessions, the tutor teaches English that the students can use in the UK. In the afternoon the student goes out with the tutor to use their English in real life situations.

SUL also offers English Immersion One-to-One Courses with no classes. Typically students will make excellent progress in their English by simply being immersed in family life. Students will listen and speak in a ‘natural’ environment.

We can provide two-to-one courses if both students travel together. The students must also be of a similar English ability.

British English

A SUL General English Home Tuition programme is a fantastic way to motivate teenagers and young learners to focus on their English. Our students will spend the whole day with their welcoming tutor so it is necessary for them to use English for real-life, authentic purposes.

The tutor will firstly assess the needs of the student and create an individual learning programme. After the initial needs analysis, the tutor will use the tuition hours to develop their grammar, vocabulary and English accuracy. Outside of lesson time students will be completely immersed in the language in interactions with the tutor and their family, helping them to focus on their fluency and ’natural’ English.

Our caring tutors work hard to ensure our students have the best possible English experience during their stay, with a personalised programme tailored to the student’s needs and interests.

Example Timetable

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SPECIAL REQUESTS: Special requests can be made for specific activities e.g. surfing, or for excursions such as the Harry Potter Studio Tour, for a supplement. This is location dependent. Please enquire.