The Amazing Experience

Whether you choose a residential centre or a homestay, we can provide a full activity programme to suit a student’s or a group’s needs.

For students on Educational Visits we offer cultural visits and activities which promote greater cultural understanding, communication in English and activities for team building, leadership skills and fun!

No matter which type of programme you choose, SUL’s 37 years of experience in providing courses to young people means we can certainly motivate and entertain students. All our students will be both educated and motivated to speak English during and after their stay with us!

  • SUL Summer in Somerset
  • SUL Summer in Devon
  • SUL Summer in London
  • Robotics Summer Lab
  • English Afloat

SUL League

SUL League is the system, which will help to enhance the academic and social programmes at SUL, as well as increase the level of students’ integration into an academic process and will play an important part in educating the ones who are passionate for learning.

The SUL League is an exciting and inclusive opportunity for our students to get involved in a Global Project, where students from all over the world compete to become SUL League Champions! Four teams, five categories to score points in. Which team will be yours?

More information is available here

Academic Acheivements

Got the brains to be the best? Win points by answering questions, achieving goals and producing outstanding work.


Get involved to score! Show your energetic side and get involved in games, songs and activities to score points for your team.


Gain points for showing an excellent grasp of new language learnt. Lose points for failing to use English in the class.

Environmental Awareness

At SUL we look after our environment, and we want you to do the same. Look after your possessions, your classroom and the school grounds to gain points. Fail to do these things, and you will lose points.

Social Awareness

Respect towards your teachers and classmates is important, and good manners cost nothing. Show these traits to gain points. Show disrespect, or behave poorly  towards the people around you, and you will lose points.

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Name Downloads
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