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SUL Educational Visits

SUL caters for school groups, offering various group-specific courses and customising the programme where required to meet the needs of the group. Educational Visits integrate tuition, activities and visits to enhance learning and to provide an educational and cultural experience.

Our educational courses provide schools with English language learning through educational and cultural experiences. We offer a range of packages, so you can choose the most suitable option for your group. Whether accommodation and tuition only, or a full English and Culture package, our aim is for students to improve their communication skills in English in the context of British culture.

Typically seven nights or more, SUL English and Culture courses integrate tuition, activities and cultural visits to enhance learning, offering stimulating learning opportunities in over 12 British locations. Students benefit from an educational and cultural experience in a unique package, offering engaging learning opportunities specific to the chosen destination.

Our Study Tours provide schools with learning opportunities through linguistic and cultural experiences in 6 British locations. Popular with school groups, our Study Tours are teacher guided short courses. Educational visits are the focus and students learn through informative and interactive learning whilst out and about. We can also link the visits and topics to the school group’s existing studies.

Some clients prefer to arrange their activities and visits independently. In this case we can supply the accommodation and tuition only, or even just accommodation. We work with the group organiser to link tuition to your programme to provide a more valuable experience.

British School Day Option

British School Days Option
As part of your programme SUL can offer a taste of English academic life, arranging for your students to spend time in a local school with British teenagers.

We can offer this in Exeter and Worcester, both homestay centres. Please enquire for details and availability.