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Our Study Tours provide schools with learning opportunities through linguistic and cultural experiences in 6 British locations.

SUL Study Tours are popular with school groups looking to enrich their year-round studies on topics such as British history and literature. Educational visits led by SUL teachers are the main focus of the course and we work with the group’s organiser to ensure they are as informative and interactive as possible.

Students have guided tours of the points of interest and complete tasks to ensure that learning is taking place. The study tours help to develop observation skills and encourage students to engage in conversation along the way. On-site activities encourage communication and will link to the educational visit of the day, helping both the English and the visit become more memorable.

Course Objectives

To improve English by ‘doing’ while engaged in educational visits and activities. To develop a wider understanding of aspects of British history, literature and traditions covered in students’ year-round school curricula.

The trip was very useful and helpful. I learnt more about the UK and all the activities were special

Qian (16), Bristol, August 2016

It was interesting and I learned lots about London

India (10), Chalfont, June 2016

Example programme: This programme is based around our London homestay centre. The course can be adapted for any of our other locations and includes a full evening activity programme if based at a residential centre.

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